Check Mate, Old Friend

Professor X and Magneto are always playing Chess in the Marvel movies. While I am sure they love the game, this means something much greater. Its symbolism for the constant battle the two have. They are both the players, the kings, of their own team. Both of them are always trying to foil each other’s plans. However, they both use different tactics. Xavier is much less willing to sacrifice his pawns than Magneto. In the following clip, Magneto uses the clear pieces. You can clearly see most of his pawns are already gone.

I’d like to point out that his sacrifices come to no avail. Xavier would have won. In case you don’t understand the rules of chess, the pawns can only move diagonal and the kings can move one space at a time (with exceptions). If the king were to eat the pawn (which had him in check), Xavier’s horse would have killed the king. He had him in check mate.

I believe in the following scene, the two were playing a real life game of chess.

Unfortunately, because of Xavier’s unwillingness to make sacrifices, Xavier loses rogue to Magneto. Rogue is a major piece for Xavier. One could think of her as the queen since she can absorb other’s abilities. However, as we all know, Magneto’s strategies never succeed and he ultimately loses the game.

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