Uncanny X-Men #308

Its the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right folks, the time of year that you get to stuff your face with delicious food. At least, I will. If any of you end up with any leftovers that you’re willing to share, I’ll be here… patiently waiting… with my fork and knife.

This is going to be a lighter, goofier post.

During my time as an X-Men fan, I’ve managed to come across something special. It’s without drama and very unique. Uncanny X-Men issue #308 manages to make the X-Men seem more like us than they ever had before.

I bring to you, the Thanksgiving dinner.

Uncanny308_ThanksgivingIn this one strip, you see complete normalcy. Everyone’s eating Turkey, smiling and seem genuinely happy to be together. Instead of worrying about another attack, they are worrying about who will be doing those dishes. I’m not gonna lie, I wish that I could be in this comic. If only for the delicious food on the table.

This issue was pretty simple. The X-Men do everyday task such as raking and explaining football. They even build a scarecrow! I’m a little jealous. We don’t have seasons where I live.

What do you think of the X-Men Thanksgiving celebration. Do you think it was a waste of a comic or a nice change of pace?

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