Character Analysis: Mystique


If you haven’t heard of Mystique, boy, you are missing out. She lives up to her name. Mystique is athletic, manipulative and has the ability to shape shift into anyone she wants. In the original X:Men trilogy, she is a member of Magneto’s brotherhood. She is a villain super villain. In the movies, she is used to terrorize Rogue, Senators and the X-Men. She is swift and thinks quick on her feet. As she says in X-Men: First Class, she is “mutant and proud.” However, she wasn’t always that way.

She was once a little girl who didn’t have a home. People were afraid of her. She had no friends. That all changed when she met Charles Xavier. The two grew up together. Unfortunately, the soon to be Professor made her feel ashamed of her blue appearance. When she romantically got involved with Beast, he too made her feel ashamed. He pressured her into taking a cure, which she ended up declining. Why? Magneto had started to make her feel special for who she was. He told her that she was most beautiful in her natural state.

He did what any friend should do. He built her self esteem. Once she had it, she never again wanted to hide herself. She was proud to be a mutant and from then on out vowed to kill anyone who told her otherwise. Of course, that comes later in her life. In her early life, she tries to live more peacefully. When you are a mutant things don’t ever go your way.

Check out her character trailer below!

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