Character Analysis: Magneto

I am going to do a character analysis on Magneto. However, I will only be analyzing the version of Magneto from X-Men: First Class. I have focused my time on the following clip. Sit back, relax and watch some mutant action before reading my comments!

The clip above is the climax of X-men: First Class. The team has just defeated the villain, Sebastian Shaw, who had been terrorizing Eric Lehnsherr (Magneto) since he was a boy. Eric is a survivor of the Holocaust. In the camps, Shaw killed Eric’s mother in an attempt to get Eric to use his powers. Eric never forgave him or the countless other’s that treated him so badly during that time.

So you’d imagine after killing the enemy the team would be full of smiles and cheers. That’s not the case, however. The film quickly introduces a new villain: Magneto… or so it seems.

The real enemy is out there…” Eric quickly points out, “Their metal targeting us. Americans, soviets, humans…”

Eric turns the tables with his ability to control metal. Then its his metal targeting them. Is it wrong for Magneto to defend himself? In today’s United States, the Stand Your Ground law might say it’s his right. According, the law generally allows “people to stand their ground instead of retreating if they reasonably believe doing so will “prevent death or great bodily harm.” Learn more  about that at

In an attempt to calm Magneto down, Charles Xavier mentions that all the men Magneto was targeting are good, honest men, who are just following orders.

“I’ve been at the mercy of men just following orders…” Magneto responds, “Never again.”

With those few words, Magneto’s perspective and intentions are made very clear. He has been through one traumatic event. He was tortured in containment camps because of who he was. People were ordered to hurt him and his family. He will never let that happen again. From his perspective, he feels that the human race will repeat history. This time, locking up and killing mutants solely because they are different. The Americans and Soviets in the ships have, in his eyes, proved his point. Is there any reason for Magneto to believe anything different?

That brings me back to my original question. Is it wrong for Magneto to defend himself? He believes by standing his ground and using lethal force, he is preventing the death of himself, and his fellow mutants, as well as bodily harm.

What do you think?

Making Miracle’s Happen With Dance Marathon at UF’s Director

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Andrew Giacini, Director of Dance Marathon at UF. Their Dance Marathon consistently raises over $1 million dollars for their local Children’s Miracle Network hospital. As Director of External Fundraising, I called to ask for advice on my specific position but saw an opportunity to ask about how they maintain their social media. I hope to continue working with non-profits, so his advice on how to manage a successful team and campaign can help me in the long run. Here is our interview:

T: What writing style(s) do you use?

A: Honestly, I keep my language as simple as possible. Our Facebook page is geared towards our students. If it’s too fancy, facebookers will scroll right past it. No one wants to think about what they’re reading on social media. They just want to read and scroll.

T: What audience do you typically write for? How do you decide? How do you adapt to each audience?

A: We target UF students. Why? Well, you know, this is a college exclusive event. Only gators can participate. That doesn’t mean we aren’t challenging other schools. We do that all the time! It’s a great fundraising tactic. You should consider trying it.

T: I will! We are still growing, so at this point we would likely lose any challenge we issued. Its all for the kids, though, so we’ll think about it. So, can you tell me what you are writing on a day-to-day basis? Memos and emails, or articles and press releases?

A: I think you’ll find this more relate-able to what you do, Tiffani. I write a lot of emails to businesses. I think its easier to call ahead to find out who you should address the email to and ask if they need any additional documentation. Then I’ll summarize what we want from them in the body of the email and attach a formal letterhead.

T: How fast-paced is the environment? How long do you have after being given an assignment to get it in? What happens if it’s late?

A: Things don’t completely work that way over here. We have a team and each person is assigned a different area. We rely on everyone to get their part done. For most of the tasks, its really on each individual’s own time. The rest of the directors are students like yourself. If they don’t get it done, then something will be missing at the event. Its do or die and thankfully everyone on my team does their part.

T: How do they get their writing assignments? Are they finding them on their own?

A: Like I said earlier, I don’t assign them everything. They know what they’re in charge of. They have to take the initiative to get things done and that does mean they find them on their own. I help everyone. I guide them. Sometimes, I will come across something useful and will pass it along. In the end, it is their job to do it.

T: What advice do you have for me? Is there anything you would have done differently in college? Would you have taken more classes to practice their writing style?

A: I think you’re ahead of the game. You’re already so involved with such a well known organization. This experience will get you places. Feel free to reach out to me again. I hope you all reach your goal.

Help me reach my goal everyone! All donations benefit All Children’s Hospital. Donate here:


From: Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters… [Open Letter of Admissions]


I wanted to personally thank you for joining us here at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. My name is Tiffani. I’m sure you may have already noticed that this is not Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. What a shame! I can assure you, however, that what you will see here will be equally gratifying.

I am a junior at The University of South Florida, double-majoring in mass communications and marketing with a focus in public relations. Why? The answer is simple. I wish to pursue a career in public relations. I wish to work with non-profits in order to assist sick children and wounded animals. I wish to give them a home. I want to give them hope. Wasn’t that not Charles Xavier’s goal?

I chose to blog about the X-Men because I have always been so fascinated it’s allegory to civil rights. Also, I love how even though Eric (Magneto) is told to us that he’s evil, if you look at things from his perspective, he is not evil at all. To him, he’s not the bad guy. He is doing what he can to protect himself and others like him. He has the same goal as Charles, but uses a different method.

How does Machiavelli put it? If the end justifies the means…

I find blogging therapeutic. I have all these ideas and concepts that run through my head. Through this blog, I can see if any others agree with me and if not what was their take away on these mutant story lines. The only other social media sites I use are Facebook and YouTube. I will be sharing my posts on my page in order to receive my friends’ opinions. Of course, don’t forget to share your opinion.

You’re one of us now.

Congratulations on your addmission to Xavier’s School for the Gifted!


Tiffani Torres